Mrinaljyoti Family is grateful to the following individuals and organisations for their support to the cause of Mrinaljyoti.

1. Oil India Ltd.
2. National Trust
3. Vocational Rehabilitation Centre (Ministry of Labour & Employment), Guwahati.
4. Composit Regional Centre, Guwahati (Ministry of Social Justice & empowerment)
5. ALIMCO, (Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment,Govt. of India)
6. Rehabilitation Council of India, Govt Of India
7. SBI, Duliajan Branch. United Bank of India, Allahabad Bank, Tipling Branch
8. District Social Welfare Office, Dibrugarh District
9. Liliane Fonds, Netherland
10. DRDA, Dibrugarh District
11. NIMH, Secendarabad
12. Prerona, Jorhat
13. Sishu Sarathi, Guwahati
14. Rotary Club, Duligian & Naharkatia
15. Zalani Club, Oil India Ltd.
16. NEEPCO, Katholguri
17. Ladies Club of Duliajan, Oil Colony,Duliajan
18. Assam Gas Co, Dulialan
19. OIL India Executive Employees Association
20. NEEPCO Ladies Club
21. WIPES, Oil India Ltd
22. Geophysics Dept. Oil India Ltd.
23. Oil Hospital
24. Inner Wheel Club, Duliajan
25. Duliajan Club
26. Mr K. K. Nath, RCE, Oil India Ltd.
27. N. K. Agarwala, Rtd RCE, Oil India Ltd.
28. Pranjeet Deka, Head PR & CC, Oil India Ltd.
29. Tridib Hajarika, Sr Manager, PR & CC, Oil India Ltd.
30. Pawan Singh Ghatowar, (Donor Mister, Govt of India)
31. Mrs Amiya Gogoi, MLA & Chairman AGCL
32. Mr. R. P Singh. MLA -Tinsukia
33. Father Ceaser Henry, Wokha
34. Father Elias Lugun
35. Major H. K. Duna & Ranju Duna
36. Mrs. Loni Bora
37. Dr. D. K. Talukdar
38. Mr. Masader Ali. Mergharita
39. Mr D. K. Boruah
40. DPO/IED, Tinsukia District
41. Mr. Bibak Phukan, PD. DRDA ,Dibrugarh
42. Mr. Sanjay Patowari, Duliajan
43. Mr. Pranab Kalpa Hajarika, Visiting Physiotherapist Guwahati
44. Mr. T K Ponda, Rtd. Rehabilitation Officer, Kolkata
45. Mr. Jiten Adhyapak
46. Mr. Nicolas Das St. Lukes' Hospital, Tinsukia
47. Alin Mech & Many others

We welcome all our donors & well wishers and individuals to visit "Mrinaljyoti" at Duliajan. Valuable suggestions from any one will help us to Improve our work and encourage us of dream for future. And many other friends and well wishers who extended their warm hands of cooperation towards Mrinaljyoti and its Special Children.

From the Desk of Secretary

Amiya Pathak Borpuzari



Respected President, Honourable Guests, Members of the Executive Committee, Life Members, Members, Parents and all the Well - Wishers of the Institution, Staffs and Volunteers.

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Latest News & Events of Mrinaljyoti Rehabilitation Centre

Latest News & Events of Mrinaljyoti Rehabilitation Centre