Construction & Developmental Activities

For the last few years we have been preparing food for the Children in a temporary room. This Year with the initiative of NEEPCO, Bakuloni, a Kitchen room was constructed in the Boys Hostel and a temporary bamboo fencing In the Verendah of School and Hostel has also been replaced by iron grill costing more than Rs 3. 2 lakhs.

Mr. Hemanta Deka, Project Manager- NEEPCO. Bakuloni, inaugurated the Kitchen for the Children on 8th January, 2013. On this auspicious occasion other officials of NEEPCO, Executive members of Mrinaljyoti, Staff and Children were present. We are very much grateful to NEEPCO, Bakuloni, for meeting our longfelt need.

Spending more than 50 thousand Rupees, Mrinaljyoti Constructed a 60 ft. boundary wall to stop west flew to the CiAtiVIlli from the nearby This year we have developed a portion of land increasing three feet height by using JCB. Father G. P Amalraj our Working President also contributed Rupees ten thousand to complete the work. With this we have started Vegetable cultivation in the campus. This year Fishery Dept., Govt. of Assam, has helped Mrinaljyoti by digging two big ponds for Pisci-culture and supplied Fish. Fish food, lime etc. to start Fish production.

With the initiative of PD, DRDA-Dibrugarh, a nursery was started at Mrinaljyoti under MREGA Scheme. Presently, more than 8000 seedlings are ready for distribution. To establish a permanent nursery and to protect seedlings from the flood, we have to increase the height of the land.

From the Desk of Secretary

Amiya Pathak Borpuzari



Respected President, Honourable Guests, Members of the Executive Committee, Life Members, Members, Parents and all the Well - Wishers of the Institution, Staffs and Volunteers.

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Latest News & Events of Mrinaljyoti Rehabilitation Centre

Latest News & Events of Mrinaljyoti Rehabilitation Centre