Enrolment of Students

During the year 2012 the number of Special Children increased to 125 and among them Cerebral Palsied 23nos., Mentally Retarded 43 nos., Multiple Disabilities 46 nos., and Hearing Impaired 13 nos. Enrolment is open for the whole year especially for those who need early intervention and developmental care. Yet many children are deprived of the facilities we offer.

Early Intervention

In 2008 with the funding of National Trust we have started Aspiration Daycare Centre for 20 children with Delayed Development within the age group of zero to seven years. Though funding has been stopped as per project norms the centre is now being run by its own resource for the greater interest of Children. Many children who are enrolled at an early age showed better progress.

From the Desk of Secretary

Amiya Pathak Borpuzari



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Latest News & Events of Mrinaljyoti Rehabilitation Centre

Latest News & Events of Mrinaljyoti Rehabilitation Centre