Visitors at Mrinaljyoti

Many scholars have been coming to Mrinedjyoti for research work. Students of colleges & universities come for their internship. Hundreds of parent come every year to discuss problems of their child and to seek suggestions for their child. Many people come to Mrinaljyoti to extend their whole hearted support and offer donations, whatever amount it may be, give valuable suggestions & informations.
arrow_sbconsultancy On 11th April, 2012, Mr. J. Chetia Secretary, Zaloni Club visited Mrinaljyoti with other members of the Club and assured to extend their support to Mrinaljyoti.
arrow_sbconsultancy On 24th April, 2012, free lance writer Jasbir Dhilon from Pune visited Mrinaljyoti.
arrow_sbconsultancy On 11th May, 2012, Mrs. Usha Viswanathan and Mrs. Smith Rath Ex. member of Ladies Club of Duliajan and others visited Mrinaljyoti. During our discussion regarding education of Special Children of our school she agreed to help us by providing free training to the Institution from where she offers voluntary service in Bangalore. She also advised us to send two of our staff members to Bangalore for three months training.
arrow_sbconsultancy On 30th May, 2012, K.L.Singh, Senior Manager, NEEPCO, Kathalguri visited Mrialjyoti and discussed various problems of the Institute and assured to help from NEEPCO.
arrow_sbconsultancy On 10th Sept, 2012, out going Resident Chief Executive,011 India Ltd. N.K. Agarwal visited Mrinaljyoti and discussed many issues relating our children. During his tenure he tried to help Mrinaljyoti in many ways.
arrow_sbconsultancy On 7th October, 2012 Manjit Singh, Regional Director (North East) of Liliane Fonds, Netherland visited to Mrinaljyoti.
arrow_sbconsultancy On 18th January, 2013, with the initiative of NEEPCO, Dr Apurba Sarma, Director, Amio Kumar Dos Institute for Social Studies, visited Mrinaljyoti on Social Impact Study.
arrow_sbconsultancy On 20th July, 2012, Ms Archana Santi, Programme Manager, Assam Child Protection Society, Govt, of Assam, visited Mrinaboti and discussed on management of Child Home in the Institution.
arrow_sbconsultancy On 30th Oct, 2012, members of Inner Wheel Club visited Mrinaljyoti and donated sport goods and also distributed foods among the Children.
arrow_sbconsultancy On 25th Nov, 2012, K. K. Nath, Resident Chief Executive, Oil India Ltd along with Major H. K. Dutta, Liaison Officer, Oil India Ltd and many others visited Mrinaljyoti and assured to offer all possible help for the development of the institution. Further, he instructed the officials to make arrangement for covering the open veranda of Physiotherapy Unit by iron grill and also assured to develop a play ground for the children. This would be a great gift to our children.
arrow_sbconsultancy On 3rd December Morning, Legendary Singer Pulak Banerjee, who was invited to participate in the Cultural Programme on the occasion of World Disabled Day, came to school and stayed with our children fore few hours.
arrow_sbconsultancy On 9th February, 2013, officers from the Fishery Department, Govt. of Assam, inspected the progress of construction of fishery and assured to supply fish and fish food.
arrow_sbconsultancy Moreover many people, Students of local schools, colleges come and spend some valuable time with our Children.

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Amiya Pathak Borpuzari



Respected President, Honourable Guests, Members of the Executive Committee, Life Members, Members, Parents and all the Well - Wishers of the Institution, Staffs and Volunteers.

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Latest News & Events of Mrinaljyoti Rehabilitation Centre